CIANNE DENIZE – Makeup Artist

A highly resourceful, flexible and innovative makeup artist possessing excellent inter-personal and communication skills. Experienced in ensuring that models, performers and presenters have suitable makeup and styling before they appear in front of cameras or an audience.

Extensive knowledge of editorial and stage makeup as well as helping every client feel like a star.


Concept Creation

Artistry Skills

Model Makeup

Fantasy Makeup

Makeup for Stage

Editorial Makeup


  • PureWow – 5th anniversary showcase, NYC 2015.
  • CHOPAR 2016 X-Collection commercial – Director of photography: Troels Graakjær.
  • “UNPACKED ll” – Dance Theater – Director: Josefin Bjerkensjø, 2015.
  • Joan Westgate “What can I do” – Music video, 2016.
  • “Det bedste for alle” – Short Film – Director: Tommy Oksen, 2016
  • “Mangfoldighed” – Nordic Council Awards – Choreographer: Toniah P, 2016
  • Iris Gold “Do you know what I mean” – Music Video – Director: Alexander Kaiser Lauritzen, 2017
  • “Black dog runs at night” – Press material & performances – Director: Josefin Bjerkensjø, 2017
  • My8Days Issue 7, 2017 – Editorial and cover – Model: Iris Gold. Photographer: Anja Poulsen
  • Dreams + Dust, Fall 2017 – Webpage – Photographer: Anja Poulsen
  • Danish Music Awards 2017 – Iris Gold, Red carpet
  • Dreams + Dust, Winter 2017 – Webpage – Photographer: Peter Irgens
  • GO BEAUTY magazine. Issue 53, 2018 – Beauty editorial “Perfect Lips”. Photographer: Anja Ekstrøm. Model: Emilie Porse. Retouch: Stefaniya Nazarenko
  • GO BEAUTY magazine. Issue 53, 2018 – Beauty editorial “Pastel party”. Photographer: Anja Ekstrøm. Model: Emilie Axters


  • Knowledgeable about the effects of stage lighting on a person’s appearance
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Complete understanding of the makeup processes on the skin
  • Able to work day or night
  • Experience of applying makeup for television and film
  • Artistically inclined and appreciating colour and beauty and different skin tones
  • Detail oriented, able to multi-task, experience working in fast paced environment